Your Child’s Speech & Language Skills

When should a parent seek a Screening or Comprehensive Examination? A quick look at some speech and language developmental milestones can serve as a basic guide to your child’s developmental progress.

Coos, gurgles. Turns head to voice. Different cry to indicate needs.
Initiates vocal play. Smiles at parent’s voice. Localizes voices.
Makes many varied sounds. Understands. Looks at family members and objects when named.
Says first words. Imitates sounds. Responds to common requests.
Says hi, please. Answers Wh-? questions. Imitates adults daily activities.
Combines 2-3 words together. Takes turns when talking. Enjoys simple storybooks.
Answers most Where and What questions. Acts out familiar routine with dolls. Begins to play in groups.
Sentences are typically correct. Acts out an event, such as a birthday.  Asks and answers most wh-questions.
Produces all sounds correctly. Interest in friendship increases.  Attention to projects increases.
Pre-academic skills mastered (counting, naming colors, recognize letter/sound correlation). Understands time concepts. Able to play board games.
Begins to plan elaborately, invents and designs. Tells story with developed sequence and plots. Sight word recognition improves.
Able to flourish in academic environment.