Privacy Policy

Kidspeak Management, LLC will protect the privacy of client and family information to the fullest extent possible. Kidspeak Management, LLC will abide by HIPAA rules and regulations. For more information on HIPAA rules and your rights, visit US Department of Health and Human Services website,

Kidspeak Management, LLC is permitted to make uses and disclosures of protected health information for treatment, payment, and health care operations, as described in the following:

  1. Treatment: to share with your physician copies of the evaluation, treatment plan, or progress to obtain approval and/or recommendations.
  2. Health Care Operations: to access your health information for purposes of quality improvement within our facility.
  3. For Payment: to send information to your health insurance plan for review and determination of coverage for therapy services.

Kidspeak Management, LLC is permitted or required under specific circumstances, to use or disclose protected health information without the individual’s written authorization.

Uses and disclosures will be made only with the individual’s written authorization and this authorization may be revoked.

Kidspeak Management, LLC, is required by law to maintain privacy of protected health information and to provide individuals with notice of its legal duties and privacy practices with respect to protected health information.

Kidspeak Management, LLC is required to abide by the terms of this notice currently in effect.

Kidspeak Management, LLC reserves the right to change the terms of this notice and will provide a written copy of the revised notice. Individuals may complain to Kidspeak

Management, LLC and to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, without fear of retaliation by the organization, if they believe their privacy rights have been violated.

Kidspeak Management, LLC, elects to limit the uses or disclosures that it is permitted to make, as follows: Kidspeak Management, LLC is committed to limiting the disclosure of PHI (protected health information) only to the degree necessary for the purposes of treatment, payment, and healthcare operations.

Please refer to the most current copy of our Notice of Privacy Policy posted on our website and in our office. We can provide you with a paper copy upon request.

Complaints: Kidspeak Management, LLC clients and/or their guardian have the right to voice their complaints. Complaints should be made in writing to: Kerry Richman-Connors or Gordy Rogers at Kidspeak Management, LLC, 6911 Shannon Willow Rd., Suite #700, Charlotte, NC 28226. Upon receipt of this complaint, an action plan to resolve the complaint or problem will be implemented. Kidspeak Management, LLC will in no way retaliate because of a complaint.

Health and Safety: Kidspeak Management, LLC, follows health and safety guidelines to ensure the safety of the clients and themselves. Precautions that the therapist uses include wearing gloves while handling bodily fluids and disinfecting toys and materials that have come in contact with bodily fluids. All bodily fluids are treated as if infectious.